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Gain Clarity and Confidence from our 6-week Coaching Program

Your Path Coaching helps you quickly outline the steps to meet your goals and fulfill your potential. Sign up and schedule a free consultation. 

Let's Get Started

“As an executive-job seeker, I've worked with serveral coaches, but no one like Dorian.”

Genevieve D.

Store Construction Director, Dallas, TX

Our Process

Wall of ideas



We will explore your work and educational history to identify your strengths, values, and saboteurs. With this information, you will craft a vision for the change you want to create. 


Goal Setting

We will identify short and long-term goals that will guide the focus of our sessions.  

In each session, you will have homework that will bring you closer to your goals.



We will create experients and complete exercises that will help you to grow your strength, build your confidence, and establish the skills you need to achieve your goals. 


My name is Dorian Cunion

I am a father, husband, executive coach, and former retail executive. My coaching expertise comes from 21 years of leading operation, sales, and marketing teams. I understand what it is like to feel stuck, undervalued, and underappreciated. 

I also know what it takes to invest in professional development, climb the corporate ladder, and find fulfillment at work. 

Your career path is a scavenger hunt. Each opportunity prepares you for the next. Allow me the opportunity to help you clarify your path, and accelerate your professional development

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What our clients say

Cheryl Slater, 

Franchise Sales Rep.

"Exceptional guidance in helping me define and achieve my goals and objectives"

Peter Gillam,

EHS Manager

"Helped me get clarity on what I valued and develop a strategy that fit my fullfillment needs."

Rob Levin, 

VP of Marketing

"Dorian helped me identify what's truly important to my personal and professional life."
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Find Your Path, Unlock Your Potential

We will help you crack the code of building a fulfilling career.

Black executive man

Grow your leadership, strategy, and influence skills so you can build a prosperous and fulfilling career. 

Mom and a Child

Reduce the need of being everything to everyone, and master skills around prioritizing and setting boundaries.

Young Professional white male

Get help navigating the fear and uncertainty of  finding a new job, starting a new role, or bouncing back from a layoff.

Start your journey today

Get the career you deserve.

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