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Master  the art of:

  1. Motivating Teams

  2. Building Trust

  3. Increasing Productivity

  4. Guiding Decisions

  5. Delegating

  6. Navigating Challenges

Let's Get Started


Craft a personal development plan that helps you be a more effective leader. 

Your Path Coaching and Consulting's Power 6 leadership development training program is designed to help you unlock your true potential as a leader.

We understand that it takes more than just having a title to be a great leader.


It requires a clear understanding of what it takes to lead and the skills to execute a vision.


That's why we've partnered with Dr. Rudy Jackson to provide people managers with a 6-week program that focuses on building the skills needed to become the best leader you can be.


Through this program, you'll gain a deep understanding of what makes a good leader and develop a plan to help you build trust, set direction, and create a culture of accountability.


We believe that everyone has the potential to be a great leader, and we're committed to helping you unlock that potential. Join us on this journey and take the first step towards becoming the leader you've always wanted to be.

“As an executive-job seeker, I've worked with serveral coaches, but no one like Dorian.”

Genevieve D.

Store Construction Director, Dallas, TX

Our Process

Wall of ideas



We will assess your strengths within the Power6 Leader framework and identify opportunities for improvements and mastery.


Plan Development

We will craft a development plan that will help you build new habits and behaviors that will support your leadership development.  


Continous Improvement

You will practice new approaches and frameworks that will expand your capabilities, and give you new management skills. 

What you should know about me.

My name is Dorian Cunion

I am a father, husband, executive coach, former retail executive, and business owner. My coaching expertise comes from 21 years of leading operation, sales, and marketing teams, and I help small business owners and business professionals build the vision, confidence, and skills needed to achieve their goals and be impactful within their organizations.  

Being an effective leader requires investing in yourself. Books and workshops are only one part of the equation. Coaching can help you understand and implement concepts and frameworks to craft your vision, build trust, delegate more effectively, and hold higher levels of accountability. 

Leaders are not born. They are crafted through learning, experience, and reflection. If you desire to be a better leader, I can help you on that journey. 

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What our clients say

Cheryl Slater, 

Franchise Sales Rep.

"Exceptional guidance in helping me define and achieve my goals and objectives"

Peter Gillam,

EHS Manager

"Helped me get clarity on what I valued and develop a strategy that fit my fullfillment needs."

Rob Levin, 

VP of Marketing

"Dorian helped me identify what's truly important to my personal and professional life."
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Find Your Path, Unlock Your Potential

We will help you crack the code of building a fulfilling career.

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