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Research a Company Before You Accept Their Offer.

Why are 68% of employees disengaged with their current work? One reason is a lack of alignment between their company and individual values. The other is a misalignment between people's work and their capabilities. When your values don't align with your organization, and your role does not match your capabilities, you risk being bored, frustrated, and under-utilized. The antidote for this problem is finding an organization that aligns with your values and provides challenging yet achievable work. But how do you find the right role and organization?

Disengaged women and men at work

Before you accept the offer, take these 3 steps.

  • Step one: reflect on who you are, what you value, and how you can uniquely add value to the world.

  • Step two: research companies to understand who they are, what they do, and how they do it.

  • Step three: compare your capabilities and values with the organization's values and needs to identify alignment.

venn diagram of job alignment

Taking time to research companies before you accept a job offer will provide you with better insight into

  • the type of organizational culture you are joining

  • the organization's financial health

  • how you will be able to add value

  • what it takes to be successful

These insights will allow you to select a company that fits your skills, personality, and professional goals well.

What to research:

There are several different ways to research a company. Even if you are short on time, it is wise to execute each of these research methods so that you have diverse sources of information to base your job acceptance decision on.

Methods of research:

  • Check the company website. Most companies have a dedicated page on their website that explains their values, history, and vision for the future. This is a good place to start your research. Remember, this is like a Tinder profile. The company is only showing you what it believes are its best features. Review information critically, but know it provides a view of the company's aspirational goals.

  • Read the company's social media pages. This can give you insight into how the company's marketing arm thinks and wants to be viewed by society.

  • Talk to current and former employees. It is helpful to get first-hand feedback on what it is like to work within the company, what is necessary to be successful, and what people like and dislike about the company. It is best to get multiple points of view. Organizations are complex and dynamic. The more perspectives you can hear, the better your assessment will be.

  • Read news articles and reviews about the company. This is easiest when joining a large publicly traded company, but even small or privately held companies are covered in the news. Look for news related to financial performance, new growth strategies, capital investments, and other events that can give you insight into the health of the organization and its priorities for the future.

What to look for:

When you're researching a company, look for things that are important to you. For example, if you're passionate about social justice, you might want to look for a company with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. Or, if you're interested in sustainability, you might want to look for a company that is working to reduce its environmental impact. Like-minded people are attracted to and tend to work better with others who think and value similar things. For this reason, seek out opportunities where you can be authentic at work.

Try to understand the growth stage the company is in. Startups tend to be dynamic and constantly evolving. Emerging companies focus on processes and growth; mature companies focus on quality and consistency; declining companies are looking to reinvent themselves. The better you understand the company's growth stage and its current needs, the better you will understand the organizational culture. Business needs and goals have much to do with leadership practices and company culture. The better you understand both, the better you will understand what it will be like to work for the company.

Graph of business growth stages

Benefits of researching a company before accepting an offer:

  1. It will help you determine if you're a good fit for the company. By understanding the company's culture and values, you can decide if it's a place where you would thrive.

  2. It will help you ask better questions in job interviews. You can use your knowledge of the company to ask questions about its culture, values, and vision. This will show the interviewer that you're genuinely interested in the company and the position and allow you to gain more information about the company.

  3. You can prepare for onboarding into the company. No situation is 100% perfect, but the more aware you are of what you are walking into, the better you will be able to handle challenges that arise.


Researching a company is an important step in finding the right job. You spend too much time at work, to not enjoy what you do. Your potential is unlocked when you find an organization that aligns with your values and leverages your capabilities. Life is short. Don't waste time working for organizations that are the wrong fit for you. Do your research, consider what you need and what you want, and pursue opportunities that align with your long-term goals.


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